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DL Pouch DIY Invitation Stardream Crystal 20Pk

DL Pouch DIY Invitation Stardream Crystal 20Pk

DL Pouch DIY Invitation Stardream Crystal 20Pk

DL Pouch Invitations are available in a huge range of metallic and matte textured finishes. A very elegant and neat package, this invitation design is ideal to bundle your invitation, RSVP Card, Wishing Well, Maps and any other information cards you may need to provide your guests with.

DL Pouch Invitation 110mm x 220mm when folded. Choose from a range of specially designed invitations, print & insert. Postage: Standard.

Matching DL Envelopes Available:
Unless you are hand delivering your invitations, we always recommend placing these invitation designs in an envelope to post.

Choose from a huge range of template designs, that we have designed specifically for using with this style of invitation, we personalize, you print, cut and insert into your chosen colour of Pouch Invitation and Save! What better way to have simply stunning invitations, on a budget and it is so easy to do it yourself. Pouch Invitations are perfect for Weddings, Gala and Corporate events.

Assembly Tips For Inserting Your Printed Invitation Designs:
Invitation designs are best printed on solid paper and card stocks (not Transparent Papers) we thoroughly recommend:

8mm Double Sided Tape. Comes in 50mt Rolls and you will need approximately 60cm of double sided tape to mount each Invitation.

The Pouch Invitation itself will require a small amount of sticking, the pouch fold has flaps that tuck neatly in, you will need to use double sided tape for this. You will need to use approximately 10cm per pouch (5cm each side). Using 12mm Double Sided Tape is best used for this.


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