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Stardream Card & Paper Quartz 20Pk

Stardream Card & Paper Quartz 20Pk

Stardream Card & Paper Quartz 20Pk

Shimmering Stardream White A4 Paper & Card, made in Italy and also known as Stardream Quartz. If you are looking for a specialty paper with a pearl finish, then this is the paper for you. Simply print your invitation design and match with a DIY Invitation Backing Card or choose from a wide range of shapes available in the DIY Invitation Range.

Our Recommended Use For This Specialty Invitation Paper & Colour: Perfect for wedding invitations, party invitations, infact any event you are celebrating.

  • Paper: 120gsm
  • Card: 285gsm
  • Laser Printers & Photocopiers will give fantastic results!
  • Size: A4 297mm x 210mm
  • Matching Envelopes Available in: DL, C6, 11B, C5, 130SQ, 150SQ & 160SQ
  • Sourced from sustainable, well managed forests
  • Element Chlorine Free Pulp (ECF)

Stardream is an environmentally responsible paper manufactured under strict environmental management systems using Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) pulp sourced from sustainable, well managed forests.

Paper & card stocks on this site are selected to give supreme performance with inkjet and laser printers. These are the ones from years of experience and testing that we have found to give optimal results. However there are just too many makes and models of printers out there to guarantee 100% compatibility with your printer.

We always recommend purchasing a
Sample Printer Pack so you can test different paper & card stocks on your printer. Don't forget to check out all the tips and tricks in our Resource Centre, to make sure you are getting the best performance from your printer.


Our price: AUD 24.95
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Stardream Env DL Quartz 20Pk Stardream Env C6 Quartz 20Pk Stardream Env 11B Quartz 20Pk
AUD 35.95
AUD 28.95
AUD 22.95
Stardream Env C5 Quartz 20Pk Stardream Env Sq130 Quartz 20Pk Stardream Env Sq150 Quartz 20Pk
AUD 65.95
AUD 28.95
AUD 31.95
Stardream Env Sq160 Quartz 20Pk
AUD 45.95
V-Cut Pocket Invitation Curious Ice Gold DL 20Pk Antique Env 11B Ice Silver 20Pk Antique Env DL White Gold 20Pk
AUD 44.95
AUD 18.95
AUD 26.95
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